Wise Words From Sulocana Prabhu

Compiled By Jaya Radhe devi dasi



Sulocana dasa: “Prabhupada warned again and again that if the pure standards are not maintained, then everything would spoil. But, if we suggest that ISKCON has now spoiled, we are considered pessimists, blasphemers, enemies, etc. Prabhupada certainly didn’t think it couldn’t happen, so why should we?”
“Already it has become embarrassing to claim any affiliation with “ISKCON.” Those who are not interested in cleaning our house, but are satisfied with their own little cults and worship, should be considered the real enemies of Srila Prabhupada’s divine movement.”
“At present, the GBC, which is supposed to represent the head or brains of the body, are the worst exploiters of all. Therefore the whole body is in chaos”
“Srila Prabhupada is the founder acarya of ISKCON only his personality should be worshipped in any ISKCON temple. If someone wants to be worshipped in a temple, he will have to build his own temple as Vasudeva is being encouraged to do in this letter.”
“There are a class of fools in almost all these ISKCON projects today who think that the projects belong to such and such “gurus.” But for those fools who think that the inspiration behind any ISKCON project is from one of these personalities, other than Srila Prabhupada, then it is high time they wake up. It is only Prabhupada’s purity that inspired anyone to do anything, even though some people have tried their best to capitalize on Prabhupada’s legacy and properties. All of ISKCON’s leaders were simply instruments to accomplish the will of Krsna through Srila Prabhupada. If one or several tools become rotten in the process, then they simply must be either cleaned up or discarded.”
“ISKCON’s new “gurus” are not changing the method of guru worship. That standard they like very much and are maintaining to the letter. The problem is however, they have none of Prabhupada’s qualifications. In other words, they take the part they like, the profit, adoration, and distinction, and reject the part they don’t like, the lifetime of austerity and purification.”
“ISKCON’s current leaders are very casual about their own tendencies, but if the “common, insignificant devotees” break a regulative principle or two occasionally, then they are quick to castigate such devotees, even to the point of destroying their families. Such leaders who have this tendency to destroy families, and thus create varnasankara should be utterly rejected”

The Guru Business – by Steve Bryant (Sulocana dasa)

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