ISKCONspiracy: Brian Tibbitts aka Indradyumna “swami”

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ISKCONspiracy – 7 – ISKCON today – Brian… by iskcontruth

PADA/Editor: Kamsahanta is giving a good account here. Good job! Kamsahanta says Indradyumna is another thug who has Srila Prabhupada’s devotees banned from ISKCON. And he is associated with the Babajis of Radha Kunda. Yep, the sannyasa order and guru platform has deteriorated severely under the current so-called GBC guru program. The question this raises is very self-evident, why is the entire GBC promoting this program? Then again the GBC buried Kirtanananda in the holy dham, what else is new?

A woman who just watched this said, “red flags everywhere,” yep! Except the GBC is always waiting for “real damage” before they might take action, by then, its often too late. Anyway, this sends all the wrong signals for what is sannyasa and guru.

Note from video producer: Originally this was on Youtube but was falsely reported as infringing a copyright claim and thus taken down from YouTube with almost 10k views! So please share this video!


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