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  • janmastami das

    RADHANATH’s involvement in KIRTANANANDA’s MOLESTATION S and susequent cover up is legendary and documented, as is RNS’s INVOLVEMENT in the SULOCAN MURDER. from the ARSENIC supplied by the NVC jewelry department (on RNS’s ORDERS ONLY,it was “donated” to the project), to the co-ordination of affairs and events through the NVC FRONT OFFICE and TEMPLE COMMANDER DEVANANDA das, all actions were sanctioned by RNS and KULADRI, who had replaced the fallen KIRTANANANDA, in the aftermath of TRI-YOGI’s assault and attempted MURDER of KIRTANANANDA.

    the history of these events were exposed several years ago on the SAMPRADYA SUN WEBSITE(search RNS INVOLVEMENT in SULOCANA’S MURDER)
    , before ROCANA’s bizzare “DORK THEORY”(Defeat Of Ritvik-vada) prevented him from printing any more of our submissions. so far as BHAKTI ANANDA GOSWAMI, like RNS, another of KIRTANANANADA’s “SWAMI -BY-THE POUND” PROJECT(even the german shepard, GUDAKESHA, was given SANYASS, along with MALATI, & any other senior mataji submitting to KSWA at the time), with KSWA as his SANYASS GURU, we are underwhelmed with his extensive researching. defense of their cohorts, in the name of liberal “AVERSION TO FAULTFINDING”, is more truly seen as a WHITEWASHING of history, and we cannot condone such behavior, even if it be sold as TRANSCENDENTAL VISION, which it clearly is not. the so-called BHAKTI- ANANDA GOSWAMI, either has information on CHILD ABUSE at NVC, by KIRTANANANDA, or he does not. his HEBREW RESEARCH aside, it is not the topic of the inquiry, nor is is ill-informed defense of RNS, nor his attempted assignment of blame to the VICTIMS, as this “being their KARMA”, which is a PEDOPHILE DEFENSE STRATEGY, no longer accepted in open forum. speak TRUTH on the subject at hand, or create your own thread.

    RNS & KULADRI have paid their minions for their support and compliance with the CHILD ABUSE SETTLEMENT, for delivering all the YES votes for acceptance, lest the ISKCON LEGAL TEAM, headed by “THE USUAL SUSPECTS”, be forced to lose in open court. the ISKCON SETTLEMENT(less than 10 cents on the dollar compared to the CATHOLIC CHURCH FINES), was a dream the W.VA. JUDGE doubted would be accepted, but with assurances from SANDY FREY, and the cadre of so-called DEVOTEE LAWYERS(seems a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it?), KULADRI & CO delivered all but 5 YES VOTES for BANKRUPTCY RE-ORGANIZATION. the results of this HYPOCRACY is the fact that those supposedly taking charge of NVC and other ISKCON PROJECTS are NOT SRILA PRABHUPADA’S DISCIPLES, as SRILA PRABHUPADA ORDERED for HIS ISKCON SOCIETY. no amount of flowery word jugglery that RNS is SP FAMOUS FOR, will turn the HYPOCRACY into TRUTH.

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