A sankirtana story‏

“One time we were distributing Arabic Bhagavad-gitas in Beirut during the civil war (1978). Bombs were blowing off everywhere and machine gun fire riddled the buildings around us. We ended up in a very dangerous area of the city…”

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Cost of Silence

Historically the Hare Krishna Movement has had an unacceptably high tolerance for child abuse. As a consequence, generations of children have suffered.

Krishna’s Children is a project that attempts to address and raise awareness on this complex and challenging issue.

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Sulocana debates Dheera Krsna (1985 – Classic)

“Another point specifically to those who use the bait and switch tactic of luring devotees into your camps under the pretense of being sincere to Prabhupada; both the ISKCON “gurus” and the Sridhara Maharaja “gurus” are doing this. It is illegal, demoniac and a crime that I have every intention to putting a swift halt to.”

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