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The formalities may be slightly changed here and there to make them Vaisnavas.

In his recent article, “Ravindra Svarupa’s Role in the Guru Reform Movement“, Rocana Prabhu wrote”

“It’s a fact, as Kurma dasa writes, that this system of voted-in gurus is nonsense. Of course, Kurma prabhu is trying to make out that Srila Prabhupada’s original program, which he thinks is synonymous with the current Rtvik system, should be put in place now. That’s where he and I have a different understanding. I don’t think you can introduce a system that has no verification in sastra.”

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The Curious Story of A1 Milk

by Narasimha das

For many years devotees have wondered about the growing number of health care researchers who claim that cows’ milk is unhealthy for humans and that many people are lactose intolerant and many if not most people, from all parts of the world, experience adverse health affects from drinking milk daily.

Rather than falling into the dangerous trap of thinking the Vedas and Krishna are wrong for glorifying the cow and cow’s milk so highly, I have always assumed the researchers were wrong, biased, brainwashed, or motivated for some false motive. I speculated that their findings against milk were related to the fact that almost all milk drinkers are also meat and junk food eaters. Yet ongoing research has linked milk consumption directly to increased risks for heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

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