Srila Prabhupada is Proposing Successful Life

Damaghosa dasa —

690323LE.HAW Lectures 245873/530501:

=&0=& =&1=& =&2=& =&3=&. Successful life is that, that we should make our bodily necessities of life as far as required, not more than that. I want to eat something. God has given sufficient food. You grow. =&4=&You grow grains. You grow fruits. You grow vegetables. Keep cows. Take milk. You can live anywhere. You haven’t got to go fifty miles off with a car to attend your office at six o’clock with velocity of hundred miles’ speed. Is that successful life, do you think? =&5=& =&6=&

A section Damaghosa prabhu’s farm

4 seasons planting is what is going on here in these two pictures. The above photo is the greenhouse in early summer filled with tomato plants-about 85 of them, as well as pepper starts in the pots along the path.

Below is the present greenhouse with all tomatoes removed and a multi-cover crop laid down in 2 out of 4 beds. The third bed has plastic covering the dirt and beans are drying temporarily there. The last bed has crimson clover coming up (still in seed form) for about 80% of it, and along the inside edge, we have 6 kinds of winter greens and lettuces already seeded in the ground.

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If You Think You’re Getting Richer By Your Work – You’re Not!

Damaghosa das — Hare Krsna- Recently I have been sending out articles detailing why and how we should grow our own food.=&0=& Not only does it show the huge disparity between the rich and poor, but also the perception of Americans of what they think and the actual reality of the situation. Our brain washing by the so called leaders is now complete ! They have us convinced and we have all surrendered to “their plan for material success”-instead of God’s plan, Krsna’s plan. Watch it, its short, but it will literally blow you away with how bad the economic climate has now become in America-and this is supposed to be the wealthiest country in the world? Here are a few point summarized in this video: 1. Only 1% of  all Americans own 40% of all the wealth 2. the bottom 80%, that’s 8 out of 10 Americans, has only 7% of the total wealth 3. the top 1% takes home 24% of all the income. In 1976 that amount was 9% so it has tripled in  the last 30 years 4. the top 1% own 50% of all stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the rest of us are just scraping by-most not even investing at all. 5. the average American worker has to work for one month to make what the average CEO makes in one hour !

And after you watch it-then decide if what Srila Prabhupada is telling us (below) is actually a viable solution-especially for the mass of people, yes even us “devotees” too !! We should be the one’s leading this charge back to some stage of  at least economic normalcy !! What to speak of spiritual lives. Oh, one more thing-I just watched a PBS commentary on the Amish religious group in America-90% of their members choose to remain for life, IN their farming/family group AFTER experiencing the “outside world” for two years. They, when the youth reach the age of 16-18 go outside for two years, and look at the rest of the “world”-then they decide to go or stay. Hare Krsna your comments welcome Damaghosa das =&1=&.”=&2=& =&3=& =&4=& three hundred miles away. Side by side. Formerly, a man used to work=&5=&) One day, one grown-up child was asking his mother, “Who is this gentleman?” The=&6=&.=&7=&=&8=& Canakya Pandita has given, real comfort means, arni akyavad(?): “One=&9=&he is happy.“=&10=&

SB 7.14.5 P…A wise man, however, learns from the sastras and

guru… He therefore concludes that in the human

form of life he should not endeavor for unnecessary necessities, but

should live a very simple life, just maintaining body and soul

together. Certainly one requires some means of livelihood, and

according …  is the basic principle of Vedic civilization. One

should be satisfied with whatever means of life comes automatically.

The modern materialistic civilization is just the opposite of the

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Coming in Contact with the Krsna Consciousness Movement

Vidura Mahatma das —

One point that I find myself making to others (devotees with misconceptions) quite frequently is that coming in contact with ISKCON is not supposed to be the beginning of a quest for a bona fide spiritual master but rather the contact with a bona fide spiritual master in and of itself. That spiritual master is none other than the Founder-acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

My reference for saying this is the following purport I came across in the Chaitanya-caritamrta which really stood out to me.

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May 28th Conversation In A Nutshell

Vidura Mahatma dasa —

The May 28th conversation (the section dealing with initiations) covers what will be officially implemented in the future for the system of initiations. Neither ritviks nor regular gurus were appointed on May 28th. Nevertheless, the conversation links to the time when Srila Prabhupada did officially give his order for how initiations would continue in the movement. That official order is the July 9th letter. Furthermore, the May 28th conversation proves that the July 9th letter applies to the time when Srila Prabhupada is ‘no longer with us’:

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Has ISKCON become like poisonous milk?

Vidura Mahatma dasa —

Has ISKCON become like milk touched by the lips of a serpent, which causes a poisonous effect on contact?

The ISKCON today is being led by deviant leaders, propagating polluted and watered-down versions of the philosophy as originally presented by the founder and acharya HDG Srila Prabhupada. These gurus were never authorized in the first place and their concocted philosophy and frequent fall-downs reveal this.

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8 Proofs That Srila Prabhupada Is A Pure Devotee

by Damaghosa dasa

Below we have 8 proofs that Srila Prabhupada is a pure devotee of the Lord. So many pretenders and cheaters today falsely  claim the status of a bona fide spiritual master, but if they do not have these  qualifications then they cannot be considered pure devotees of the Lord and  therefore not qualified to initiate anyone into the transcendental science of  bhakti yoga, or devotional service.

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Book Changes And The Disciplic Succession

Vidura Mahatma dasa — October 10, 2015

Disciplic succession scattered by personal whims of demonic persons

“Certainly Bhagavad-gītā was never meant for the demonic persons, who would dissipate its value for no one’s benefit and would devise all types of interpretations according to personal whims. As soon as the original purpose was scattered by the motives of the unscrupulous commentators, there arose the need to reestablish the disciplic succession.” (Bg As It Is 4.2 purport by HDG Srila Prabhupada — Original, Unrevised, 1972 edition)

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