“So one who is serious about hearing, he can become future nice preacher.”

Srila Prabhupada Room Conversation, May 10, 1969, Columbus, Ohio
This boy hears very nicely. He does not go away,” the first impression he gave to other godbrothers. “So I shall make him disciple.” These very words he said. Actually I did not follow him in the beginning. High philosophical speaking and I was a new boy. I could not follow him, but actually I was so much glad to hear him. That’s all. So that was my qualification, whatever you may say. I was simply asking, “When Guru Maharaja will speak? When he will speak? When?And I will sit down and go on hearing, and I will understand or not understand – -others will disperse — I will not disperse. That he marked. Yes. First. There was first one instance. At that time I was not initiated. There was a circumambulation of whole Vrndavana. So although I was not initiated, I was one of the important members of the… So I thought, “Let me go. What these people are doing, circumambulating all over Vrndavana?” So I went to Mathura. Then I went to the Vrndavana interior, which place was known as Kosi. So in that Kosi one of my godbrothers declared that “Prabhupada is going tomorrow back to Mathura. So he will speak this evening. So anyone who wants to hear him, they can stay. And others may prepare to…” …. So they were to go to see some other temple which is called Sesayi Temple. So although I was new man, I did not like to go to see the Sesayi Temple. I decided that “I shall hear.” So at that time I was new, so all other, some of my important godbrothers, they were sitting like this, and I was sitting. At last, you see. But he knew that “This boy is new.” Everyone has gone, all others except a few selected godbrothers. So he marked it that “This boy is interested to hear me.” So hearing is very important. Hearing. Just like Arjuna heard from Krsna. Come on. (People entering) (Break) …because I was serious for hearing, and therefore now I am serious about kirtanam, means speaking, or preaching. Do you follow what I say? Yes. So one who is serious about hearing, he can become a future nice preacher. Sravanam kirtanam. Next stage is developed. That is development. If one has actually heard nicely, then he will speak nicely. Sravanam kirtanam smaranam. Then consciousness will automatically develop because when you speak or you hear, unless your mind is concentrated, your consciousness is right, you cannot rightly hear or speak. Sravanam kirtanam smaranam pada-sevanam. And then the development, “How I shall serve Krsna? Krsna is so loving. Krsna is so great,” that automatically comes. Not silent, but activity.”
Vancouver Krishna Balaram Temple Sunday Feast - July 3, 2016 sp-murti-damaghosa
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